Package 1: Sound Only

From: $1,500.00

  • Four hours of non-stop DJ/MC Service
  • Two Speakers, Console, Wireless Microphone
  • additional time $100/hour

Additional Speaker

Sound reinforcement of multi-level / multi-room functions or connecting indoor with outdoor areas.

Music for Ceremony

This is an additional system. A clear line of sight is required. Unit Includes: two speakers, 3 wireless microphones, prelude, ceremony and postlude music. The unit can be used for reinforcing other musicians and their instruments such as a guitar or keyboard. We remain on site during the ceremony as an audio technician.

Music for Ceremony Only

This is use of a computer and music. Computer plugs into available venue sound system. Includes: prelude/ceremony/postlude music

Projection System

Includes: laptop, projector, 100” screen, audio reinforcement. Must include projector system

Karaoke Combo Options to add to DJ Pkgs. * 

Beginner Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 24” TV for singer, (3) mics & karaoke music
Intermediate Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 24” TV for singer, (3) mics, karaoke music & (1) 100” screen & projector for audience
Advanced Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 24” TV for singer, (3) mics, (1) stage monitor, karaoke music, (1) 100” screen & projector for audience
Seasoned Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 24” TV for singer, (3) mics, (2) stage monitor, karaoke music, (2) 100” screen & projector for audience

Package Plus

Illuminated White Skirting
Includes: Skirting and lighting
(Lights can be a static accent or interactive with music)

Travel Charge

$2.00/mile >30 miles from San Antonio City Limit

Moving Head Lighting * 

LED Up-Lights

(You can select the static color. Up-Lighting prices and packages are incorporated as accessories to part of our audio packages listed above. We do not provide lighting as an individual package without an audio package.

Gobo Pattern (Name/Monogram in Lights)

You can design it yourself or we can design samples for you. Includes fixture, gobo pattern, and stand.



All packages include:

  • Free site visits to decide package & accessories needed at your venue
  • Four hours non-stop M/C & musical entertainment
  • Equipment set-up, up to three hours before contracted start time
  • One-on-One service to coordinate ceremony & reception events
  • Your choice of music selections from all musical genres & eras
  • On-site technician for the ceremony, cocktails, dinner & reception dance
  • Wireless handheld microphone for prayer, toast or welcome

Package 1 includes:

  • (2) Speakers
  • Console
  • Wireless Microphone

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