DJ Packages & AV Services

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Pricing in this section is for DJ services. Availability is limited!
Other services are below this section.
(PDF version of our DJ packages, services & pricing)

DJ Packages start at four hours and can be extended to fit your need. These packages include free site visits to decide package and accessories needed at your venue. Includes a one-on-one service to help coordinate your reception itinerary, ceremony or awards presentation music if needed. Includes your choice of music selections/requests made here through our web portal or via your playlists shared through other music sites like iTunes or Spotify. These packages also include a wireless handheld microphone for your prayer, toast or welcome.

The DJ role requires us to play music. If desired, we take requests from your guests if preferred. These requests along with your requests allow us to determine how interactive you will be plus this information gives us insight into your musical tastes and theirs. We adjust the volume,  style and tempo to fit the atmosphere and continue to modify these seamlessly throughout the event dependent on participation. We are also there to facilitate the itinerary and make the necessary announcements to guide you and your guests through the event as an MC. In our opinion, these roles go hand in hand. You can listen to audio samples of this process on our "About Us" page. For more information about our music collection, please view our "Music Search" page. For guides that help organize your itinerary and music, please view our "Wedding Tools" page. If you have questions or need clarity, please call our office.

$500 Deposit is Required to Reserve Date

DJ Package 1

Sound Only
  • Four-hour Service
  • Two Speakers, Console, Wireless Microphone
  • additional time $100/hour

DJ Package 4

Sound, Stage, Up-Lights & Gobo
  • Pkg. #2 Equipment
  • (18) Up-Lights & Gobo (monogram & fixture)
  • additional time $175/hour

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Sound Only Package Pictures
Sound with Stage Lighting Package Pictures
Sound, Stage and Up-Light Package Pictures
Sound, Stage, Up-Lights & Gobo Package Pictures

Wedding Ceremony Support Packages

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Pricing in this section is for wedding ceremony services.
Other services are below this section.

These packages cover the time-frame of your ceremony. Each package includes 30 minutes of prelude music, your processional and recessional music. We can provide the whole system with microphones and music. We can provide a sound system with microphone support only. We can provide the music only that plugged into your venue's sound system. We can provide a simple powered speaker with a wireless microphone. Several options are available depending on your need. If you have questions or need clarity, please call our office. This is not an independent service. This service works in conjunction with our reception services.

Ceremony Pkg. 1

Full Service
  • 1.5 hour Service
  • prelude, ceremony & postlude music
  • Two Speakers, Console, (3) Wireless Microphones
  • on site technician
  • clear line of sight required

Ceremony Accessories

Simple Solutions
  • Solo Speaker System - $100.00 ea.
  • Solo Wireless Microphone - $125.00 ea.

Rehearsals, Meetings or Corporate Events

AV Services, Packages & Accessories

Pricing in this section is for audio-visual support services for rehearsal dinners, meetings and corporate events. This section includes non-DJ services as well as hourly music services. Please view the information below for specific details and services.

(PDF version of our AV & Corporate Hourly Price List)
(PDF version of our Rehearsal Dinner Price List)

AV services and support packages start at one hour and can be extended to fit your time-frame. These packages include free site visits to decide package and accessories needed at your event and venue. These services include simple AV packages and equipment. You are able to piecemeal your needs as well if a particular piece of equipment is only needed like a lapel microphone or projection screen.

You can request a technical support assistant during your event. The tech support role allows us monitor the needed equipment. We monitor volume levels for microphones, projection system presentations and other planned or unplanned AV related needs as the event unfolds. If you have questions or need clarity, please call our office.

AV Pkg. 1

Meeting / Conference
  • One hour (delivery & set-up)
  • (2) Speakers, (2) wireless microphones (lapel or handheld)
  • additional time $50/hour

AV Pkg. Accessories

Needed Add-On's
  • Wireless microphone (lapel or handheld) $ 125.00 ea.
  • Background Music (custom playlist) $ 100.00

Available Accessories

Fine tune your event

Additional Speaker - $100

(sound reinforcement of multi-level / multi-room functions or connecting indoor with outdoor areas)

Projection System - $500

Includes: laptop, projector, 100” screen and sound system

(additional screens sizes and projectors available for an additional cost)
100" Screen and Projector - $250
Large 144" Screen and Projector - $350
Small 80" Screen and Projector - $175
(View pictures on Pinterest)

Up-Lighting Packages

(You can select the static color. Up-Lighting prices and packages are incorporated as accessories to part of our audio packages listed above.)

12 Lights - $500
18 Lights - $700
24 Lights - $900
(View pictures on Pinterest)

Gobo Pattern (Name/Monogram in Lights)

(You can design it yourself or we can design samples for you. Includes fixture, gobo pattern, and stand.)
1 Fixture - $300
(View pictures on Pinterest)

Package Plus - $100

Illuminated White Skirting
Includes: Skirting and lighting
(Lights can be a static accent or interactive with music)
(View pictures on Pinterest)

Announcement Service Only (no music provided) - $35/hr

This service is used when announcements are needed during mariachis or during other entertainment in order to give direction to your guests or for introductions, a welcome or invocation.

Run Venue Sound System or Ceremony System - $150/hr

(with music provided)

Run Venue Sound System or Ceremony System - $35/hr

(no music provided)

Early Setup

(If more than three hours prior to Start Time)
(First three hours prior to Start Time are complimentary) - $25.00

Stair Charge (more than 5 steps) - $25.00
Tent (Required for outdoor functions to protect equipment if no covering is available at venue) - $100.00

Travel Rates

Travel Charges (2016 Fiscal Management) - (Domestic Per Diem Rates)

Lodging In-State (for areas not listed on the Domestic Per Diem Rate Site) - $85.00 (per diem)
Lodging Out-of-State (for areas not listed on the Domestic Per Diem Rate Site) - $83.00 (per diem)
Meals In-State / Out-of-State - $46.00 (per diem)
Overnight Meals - $36.00 (per diem)
Automobile Mileage - $2.00/mile (per diem)
Aircraft Mileage - $1.31/mile (per diem)