Services Defined

Each Piece of the Process Defined

Defining the Pieces

The Entertainer: Each entertainer of Future Sounds has a love of entertainment and amusement. We each have the ability to host an event or aid those in charge. We are here to help your event become a success. It is our goal to help develop an evening of musical entertainment that not only closes the gap between generations but also bridges the ethnic backgrounds and preferences of your guests.

The Music: Future Sounds offers a diverse collection of music. Based on personality and style, each entertainer will create an evening designed around your customized format guide. It is difficult to collect every available type of music; however, our library has a vast conglomeration of musical culture and history. We frequently purchase popular music from various categories plus special "hard to find" requests as needed. A listing of the core library is available for your viewing on this website. It does not list every song in the Future Sounds master library. It does list the more familiar and requested artists and songs played in the music industry. If we do not have a particular style or artist, you are more than welcome to share the file or link to the file/track via email especially if it is a specific version. We prefer to plan ahead to have requests on hand. Too often, good access to download files at an instant is not accessible. We do not stream music from YouTube, Spotify or any other streaming service at our events.

The Sound System: Professional concert speakers are used for every function. Future Sounds uses the Yamaha DBR Series for all of its functions. Each speaker is capable of emitting 1000 watts of power. We have backup systems that use our old JBL Eon series speakers. Two speakers are used at the average reception; however, additional speakers can be added for more sound reinforcement or to create surround sound effect. Additional speakers are available and suggested for large groups or areas, and multi-level, multi-room or indoor and outdoor venues. Some venues may have restrictions concerning outdoor sound amplification. Look on the venues contract for sound ordinance or amplification restrictions.

The Lighting: A few types of lighting are available from Future Sounds. The difference between our lighting packages is the number lights and purpose for the lighting. The use of lighting can accent any portion of your event or venue. The choice or use of lighting is a preference, not a necessity. If your reception site does not have any special illumination, you may want to consider adding lighting to create some ambiance.

Our first type is stage lighting. We bring out eight L.E.D. lights attached to an 10' ladder truss system. This is a good lighting package if you are looking to add just a little bit of flair, but not too much. The lights are focused specifically on the dance floor area. This system is controlled by a light board that has the capability of dimming the lighting fixtures individually as well as the capability of creating patterns and chases. It can be controlled manually or by an audio signal (the beat of the music). If space is an issue, the size of the truss can be limited to a 5' section (4 lights) or expanded to a 15' (12 lights) or 20' section (16 lights). The average is a 10 foot section.

Our second type of lighting is Up-lighting. This is another form of simple and popular lighting used to accent features indoor and outdoor. Our application of these lights is indoor and generally inside the venue room or ballroom.The fixtures have six groups of L.E.D. colors that include red, green, blue, amber, white and UV. The ability to mix these colors as well as adjust the intensity of each color allows us to offer a multitude of colors. There are limits when mixing colors. A true purple color is still difficult. The venue wall color can also cause a issue to get a true or natural color. Each light can be programmed as a stand-alone-fixture or they can be connected and synced to all work in unison. Generally, each light fixture is programmed with the same color. These can be battery operated too. Depending on the mix of color and intensity of the light, lifespan for the battery can be as long as 11 hours or as short as 3 hours.

Our third type of lighting is effect lighting or moving heads. Six of these lights are an option in our package three. You can choose to add four more fixtures for a total of 10. These fixtures move light around the room from floor to ceiling and offers more of a club environment.

We also used Source Four Jrs. for projecting a monogram, a name or logo. The image can be projected on the floor or a wall. Your image or graphic can be cut into a piece of metal. We prefer glass options that can include use of color. Most clients have used metal in the past because of cost. We have chosen to use glass due to a nicer keepsake for our clients after the event. Samples for this lighting option as well as the other options mentioned above are available on our Pinterest boards.

Accessories: Additional items are available to add to your packages.

Extra speakers are available and suggested for sound reinforcement in large rooms, multi-level or multi-room functions. This is a great accessory for functions that have guests in other areas beyond the main room. This accessory gives a surround sound effect increasing the coverage area without the need for increased volume. This can ensure announcements will be heard with more clarity throughout the room or for indoor and outdoor applications.

Additional sound systems, separate from the main system, are available. Quite often, an additional system is used for outdoor wedding receptions. You can just as easily plug in a keyboard or guitar.

In House Production: Special event music sometimes needs a special touch. Future Sounds can digitally enhance your musical presentation or dance piece. We can speed it up, slow it down, edit parts or words, or adapt your music presentation for a specific competition time frame. Musical pieces are edited and placed on compact disc.