Equipment Specs

Learn about required space needed and other specific specs

Space, Staging and Electricity

Space:The Basic Sound package requires an empty 3X10 foot space. Placing the speakers too close to an open mic reduces the ability to communicate effectively.  to The Basic Sound and Stage Lighting package can fit into a tight spot; however an empty 4X15 foot space is preferred. The Advanced Lighting packages utilize 2 to 4 five foot pieces of trussing to support the various fixtures. Generally, we use a 10 foot truss support system to secure and stabilize the lighting packages. The Sound with Stage and Lighting packages require an empty 5X20 foot space. If you would like an advanced lighting package in a restricted amount of space, we can make the packages fit into smaller rooms. It will look over crowded, but it can be done.

Staging: It is important to us to have a nice vantage point, but staging is not necessarily required for this. However, in a large room, it is nice to be slightly elevated above the crowd. As a central point for announcements and coordination of activities throughout the reception, a slight elevation advantage can allow for ease in crowd direction and control. When a disc jockey/host needs to address and direct your guest to get event activities moving, our delivery is enhanced if we can see direction and movement.

Electricity: First of all, it is nice to be close to a wall plug. Quite often in some reception sites, the location of the disc jockey is not in relation to an electrical outlet. We do carry 25 foot extension cords. If longer cables are needed i.e. 50 or 100 foot, please call and inform our office to make a note on your paperwork. In rare situations, we can bring a generator. This has occurred more often for remote ceremony sites. There is a fee for this added accessory.

Generally at most new reception sites, electricity has not been a concern. Low voltage can create electrical surges or spikes within our digital sound and lighting systems that could cause intermittent malfunctions or overloads within the circuitry. Improper electrical grounding can also cause minor problems such as ground noise. A simple ground lift or changing the polarity can solve this isssue.

Other issues with power have been in connection to the other items on the same circuit in addition to our sound and lighting system. Additional accent lighting, heat lamps and kitchen appliances can cause voltage overload problems. A margarita machine and a coffee maker on the same 20amp circuit will not work well. Our equipment and those items will not work together on the same circuit. Margarita machines should be on a dedicated circuit. We also prefer dedicated circuits. A proper distribution of power is important when the need for electricity is great. A simple rule of thumb is to make sure the entertainment is separate from any kitchen devices or additional accent lighting. L.E.D. lighting makes these issues less of an issue. This should help avoid an embarrassing power outage later in the evening. If electricity may be a concern, contact the reception site electrician and confirm available power and distribution of plugs and breakers. Below are the basic specifications for each system. System components will vary depending on the package and accessories.

Package Specifications

Package 1 Specifications: This package in a small room requires a single 15 or 20 amp plug. In a large room or hall 2 separate 15 or 20 amp plugs will be sufficient.

  • SOUND SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS OF 1 JBL SPEAKER (2 are used at the average reception site)
    •Frequency Range (-10 dB): 39 Hz - 18 kHz
    •Frequency Response (±3 dB): 42 Hz - 17 kHz
    •Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB): 90° Nominal
    •Vertical Coverage (-6 dB): 60° Nominal
    •Rated Maximum SPL 129 dB, @ 1 m (3.3 ft)
    •LF Driver Integral frame with one 15" (380 mm) driver, dual neodymium magnet, 2" differential drive voice-coil.
    •HF Driver JBL 2418H-1 1" (throat diameter) compression driver with 1.75" diameter titanium diaphragm. Ferro-fluid cooled.
    •Amplifier Power LF 300 watts @ low-frequency driver impedance.
    •Amplifier Power HF 100 watts @ high-frequency driver impedance.
    •EQ High Frequency Shelving, ±15 dB @ 5 kHz Low Frequency Shelving, ±15 dB @ 120 Hz
    •AC Input 110 - 230 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz., 175 watts rating per UL, detachable IEC power cable.

Package 2 Specifications: This package requires two separate 20 or 30 amp plugs. We use 12 (15 watt) L.E.D. fixtures along with the sound system specifications above.

    PRO38B L.E.D. RC
    12 x 1 Watt L.E.D.'s
    90V ~ 240V/47~63Hz
    30 Degree beam
    •Model 20 amp
    •Total Capacity 180 watts
    •Lamp Par 38B 12 watt