Karaoke Only Pkg. 1: Beginner Pkg.

From: $1,650.00

  • (2) Speakers
  • Console
  • (1) 32” TV for singer,
  • (3) wireless mics
  • karaoke music
Processing Fee $66.00
Total Payable Amount $1,716.00

Additional Speaker

Sound reinforcement of multi-level / multi-room functions or connecting indoor with outdoor areas.

Music for Ceremony

This is an additional system. A clear line of sight is required. Unit Includes: two speakers, two wireless microphones, prelude, ceremony and postlude music. The unit can be used for reinforcing other musicians and their instruments such as a guitar or keyboard. We remain on site during the ceremony as an audio technician.

Music for Ceremony Only

This is use of a computer and music. Computer plugs into available venue sound system. Includes: prelude/ceremony/postlude music

Projection System

Includes: (1) laptop, (1) clicker, (1) 5000 lumen projector, (1) 100” screen and sound system

Karaoke Combo Options to add to DJ Pkgs.

Beginner Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 32” TV for singer, (3) mics & karaoke music
Intermediate Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 32” TV for singer, (3) mics, karaoke music & (1) 55″ flat screen for audience
Advanced Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 32” TV for singer, (3) mics, (1) stage monitor, karaoke music, (1) 55″ flat screen for audience
Seasoned Combo Pkg. – adds (1) 32” TV for singer, (3) mics, (2) stage monitors, karaoke music, (2) (2) 55″ flat screens for audience

Package Plus

Illuminated White Skirting
Includes: Skirting and lighting
(Lights can be a static accent or interactive with music)

Travel Charge

$2.00/mile >30 miles from San Antonio City Limit

Balloon Lights

Moving Head Fixtures

Moving Head Lighting

LED Up-Lights

(You can select the static color. Up-Lighting prices and packages are incorporated as accessories to part of our audio packages listed above. (Up-Lighting packages without a DJ or AV package incurs a delivery and set up fee.)

Gobo Pattern (Name/Monogram in Lights)

You can design it yourself or we can design samples for you. Includes fixture, Gobo pattern, and stand. View sample from past clients on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/FutureSoundsDJ/monogram-gobo-samples/

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All packages include:

  • Free site visits to decide package & accessories needed at your venue
  • Four hours non-stop M/C & musical entertainment
  • Equipment set-up, up to three hours before contracted start time
  • One-on-One service to coordinate event and singers
  • Your choice of music selections from all musical genres & eras
  • On-site technician and host

Beginner Pkg. includes:

  • (2) Speakers
  • Console
  • (1) 32” TV for singer,
  • (3) wireless mics
  • karaoke music

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