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Experiences...Reflections...Heartfelt Creations

The “light” of creativity began in the winter of 2019, when we projected animation onto a bride and groom’s white layered cake. That “light of sweetness” was taken a step further, by mapping your photos into a unique, one-of-a-kind, personal work of art – by projecting onto a five (5) layered cake or our signature Alternative Cake. This was the “sweet” beginning of Cake Mapping SA now TX. As a side note, “We don’t bake cakes”. For more “sweetness” and details, visit cakemappingtx.com.

The “projection” of creativity did not stop with the cake. Our artistic evolution continued by projecting onto our Floating Canvas Wall and Floating Canvas Collages, which launched Projection Mapping TX. Like the mapped cake, we artistically map and project your images and videos onto canvases, to transform them into “projected”, transitioning pieces of artwork. And for the record, “We don’t take photos”. See and learn more about “artistically projected” canvas images, by visiting projectionmappingtx.com.

Progression continued in our mapping world, as this “spark of light” took a similar, but dynamic turn into innovative mapping and “digitally” highlighting your photos on our Mon-Art, through Digital Mapping TX. These mapped statement pieces are showcased on our signature sleek and upscale stands. We reveal your images in an artistic way, unlike traditional slide shows on a monitor, which is why we say… “We don’t show slides”. Learn how “digitally artistic” your presentation would look, by visiting digitalmappingtx.com.

Mapping Options

Cake Mapping TX - "We do not bake cakes!"

  • Cake Mapping TX specializes in projection mapping on one (1) side, two (2) sides or four (4) sides of the cake with five (5) or more layers to make a statement at your event. We feature our Traditional Style cake and our Signature Alternative Style cake. But no matter the number of sides you choose, no two (2) cakes will ever be alike.

Projection Mapping TX - "We do not take photos!"

  • Projection Mapping TX specializes in projection mapping on our Floating Canvases. We feature the Floating Canvas Wall – three (3) large canvases and the Floating Canvas Collage – six (6) various sized canvases, with four (4) layout options.

Digital Mapping TX - "We do not show slides!"

  • Digital Mapping TX specializes in mapping images or videos on our HD-Monitors. We feature true mapped HD images and videos on all of our Mon-Art packages. The monitors are showcased on our signature sleek black stands, which enhance the overall beauty being displayed.


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