Editing Services

Make Your Song Choice Unique


Below are editing services provided by Future Sounds.

At Future Sounds our entertainment staff has the technical ability to edit audio, still graphics and motion video. Audio editing for the first dance and the dance for the parents is recorded and edited in house by Chris Koval. If you are planning an interactive slide show presentation for your special event, rehearsal dinner or reception, we can offer both resourceful ideas and innovative solutions to help bring your project to completion.


Voice-Over Recording or Song Editing - $35 per hour

A special touch,  modification or edit is needed for some event music. Future Sounds can digitally enhance any musical presentation or dance piece. At your event we can easily speed it up or slow it down. Studio work is required to edit parts or words, or adjust your music piece for a specific time frame. Additionally we can remix a special music piece by adding a voice-over recording of your vows or other personal dedications.This in house service is available for $35 per hour. We take as long as you need to record your content. We have prerecorded wedding vows, invocations, dedications and toasts. These types of recordings can be placed on a bed of music or lead into the beginning of song. In some situations, a music bed was not used. We have had several parents as well as many armed service personal prerecord their toast or special messages. Most sessions have lasted as little as 10 minutes to as long as 45 minutes. After recording your way with words, we will then edit it together over your first dance or any other special song selection if desired. This part of the process usually takes approximately 1 hour or less to prepare the final edit.

Voice-Overs, Mash-Ups, And Remixed Samples